A Few Words of Introduction

Hi, I’m Mari, and I hope to meet you on these pages regularly. My interests are reading, writing, travelling, theatre, cinema and socialising, not necessarily in that order though I would definitely put reading at the top of my list.

This blog will mostly be about my travels, current and past, and my camera. Although I didn’t list photography in my list of interests, my camera is a constant in my life and despite wishing I had a better knowledge of the camera, I do enjoy taking pictures and showing them to other people. Once the lock down is over and things are back to normal, I hope my images will help to illustrates some of the places I visit, whether local or far away.

As well as travel, there will be the odd post about interesting Museums (not the big well-known ones but lesser known ones, like The Third Man Museum in Vienna), special attractions and the occasional book or book related events.

Please pop in occasionally and comment on any Post that takes your fancy. I love hearing from people – it’s an extension of socialising – and if you want any information at any time, please feel free to ask.